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Description of the necessity of the inspection work of the tablet press

July 20, 2022

What are the reasons for checking the work of the tablet press? Today, Shengde tablet press will come to see it with you.

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latest company news about Description of the necessity of the inspection work of the tablet press


The tablet press should not be used with overload; the tablet press should be properly grounded, preferably grounded separately; the hydraulic oil is N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil or N46 low-condensation hydraulic oil, which is used after being filtered by 80-100 mesh wire mesh, and is replaced for the first time.


The oil time should not exceed two months, and the oil should be changed every six months in the future; if there is an accidental leakage in the system, sufficient hydraulic oil should be added after the fault is eliminated.


After the hydraulic press works for 200 hours, the cleanliness of the oil should be checked. It is required that there is no peculiar smell. Put a drop of oil on the white filter paper, and there is no black stain within the center of the oil trace.


Otherwise, change the oil; if the function is changed, the air in the system should be drained. It can work only if it is clean; the pressure is maintained for 10 minutes and the pressure drop is allowed to be 2.5Mpa.


The tablet press is not allowed to calibrate the mold during operation; frequently check the cleanliness of the pump station and the fuel tank, and it is strictly forbidden for water, dust and foreign matter to enter the fuel tank; if there is any abnormality during the test run and work, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.


The working process of the tablet press can be divided into the following steps:

1. The punch part of the lower punch (its working position is upward) extends from the lower end of the middle die hole into the middle die hole to seal the bottom of the middle die hole;


2. Use the feeder to fill the middle die hole with medicine;


3. The punch part of the upper punch (its working position is downward) falls into the middle die hole from the upper end of the middle die hole, and travels downward to press the powder into tablets;


4. The upper punch lifts the exit hole. The lower punch rises to push the tablet out of the middle die hole to complete a tableting process;


5. Lower the flush to the original position, ready for the next filling.


Tablet presses are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramics, food, electronics, plastics and powder metallurgy industries. The tablet press is suitable for compressing various granular raw materials into round tablets, and can also be compressed into tablets of different geometric shapes, which are specially used for small-scale batch production. Not suitable for the compaction of semi-solid, moist molecular and particle-free ultrafine powders.


During operation, turntable rotation speed, filling depth and tablet thickness can be adjusted. The system is equipped with an overload protection device, which will prevent the die and equipment from being damaged due to overloading. The tablet press adopts a transmission mechanism with immersion lubrication, which is airtightly installed under the body, which prolongs the service life of the machine and avoids cross-contamination.


The above is the industry sharing about tablet presses, I hope everyone can like it.