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Daily pure water treatment methods

January 18, 2019



1. Boiling method refers to drinking tap water after boiling, which is an ancient method and widely used in China.Boiling water kills bacteria, but vats of water purifiers can't remove some chemicals and heavy metals, even at very low levels, so it's not safe to drink.


2. Distillation is the boiling of water and the collection of steam, which is cooled and condensed into a liquid.Distilled water is extremely safe drinking water, but there are some problems to be further discussed.Because distilled water contains no minerals, opponents argue that life expectancy tends to age.In addition, the use of distillation costs more, consumes energy, and cannot remove volatile substances in water.


3. Mineralization refers to adding beneficial mineral elements to the water on the basis of purification.The purpose of mineralization is usually achieved by adding maifan stone to the purified water.


4. Softening method refers to removing or reducing the hardness of water to a certain degree.In the process of water softening, water quality can only be softened, but not improved.


5. Reverse osmosis method applies more pressure than the natural osmotic pressure to reverse osmosis from the one with high concentration to the one with low concentration.Because the pore diameter of reverse osmosis membrane is much smaller than that of virus and bacteria, so all kinds of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, solid soluble matter, polluted organic matter, calcium and magnesium ions cannot pass through reverse osmosis membrane, so as to achieve the purpose of water softening and purification.