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company news about Common Selection Methods Of Mixers And The Advantages And Disadvantages Of V-type Mixers

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Company News
Common Selection Methods Of Mixers And The Advantages And Disadvantages Of V-type Mixers
Latest company news about Common Selection Methods Of Mixers And The Advantages And Disadvantages Of V-type Mixers

Mixers on the market include V Type Mixer, 3D Mixer, two-dimensional mixer, etc. According to their production materials and specifications, there are more detailed classifications, so when manufacturers mix materials, how can manufacturers according to the nature and mixing of materials want to choose a hybrid device? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the V-type mixer as a device with a large usage rate? If you want to know the answer, then read on. The supplier of Powder Mixer Machine will come and tell everyone.


First, common selection method of mixer.


1, analogy

With reference to the models selected by the peer manufacturers, you can quickly select the mixer model you need. The advantages of this method are convenience and conciseness, less investment in selection, and fewer errors. But the first condition is to grasp the imperfections of others when selecting, which is difficult. Once you encounter a wrong analogy, the selection will go a detour.


2, small test method

The pilot model is selected initially for testing. In the pilot test, the performance of the mixer, the uniformity of mixing, and the state of blending should be determined. In the small test, several mixers can be selected for comparison experiments. However, the mixer is selected according to the following principles:

(1) mixing uniformity and time required for mixing;

(2) Comprehensive comparison of equipment, energy consumption, maintenance and operation costs;

(3) Installation conditions and production conditions.

Determine the model based on the conclusion of the test analysis. If there is any dissatisfaction with the selected product, a correction request can be submitted to the factory to make it more suitable for production requirements.


3, pilot method

For the selection of large-scale hybrid equipment, sometimes only small test results are not enough. A pilot test is also required. The purpose of the pilot test is to verify the results of the small test and provide further basis for the selection, but note a few points:

(1) The closer the scale of the pilot plant is to the selected equipment specifications, the more reliable its test results will be;

(2) Due to the lack of published data on the amplification factor data of powder mixing equipment, the pilot plant needs to cooperate closely with the equipment factory, and it should also pay attention to issues such as mixing uniformity, power variation, mixing time, and mixing startup. Only after the pilot test results are consistent with the pilot test results can further reliable selection be made;

(3) During the pilot test, the materials in the given process should be used as much as possible, which is consistent with the small test materials.


Second, the advantages and disadvantages of V Type Mixer.

V Type Mixer


Working principle: Using the principle that the two cylindrical barrels of the mixer are not equal in length and form an asymmetrical principle, when the mixer rotates, the material changes from decomposition to combination, and from combination to decomposition, it pushes the material to communicate horizontally, and each time it rotates, the lateral force Part of the materials flow from one bucket to another, so that the materials are mixed horizontally and radially, and the decomposition and combination are performed with each other, so that the materials achieve a uniform mixing effect.


Advantages: When mixing materials with good fluidity and similar physical properties, a better mixing effect can be obtained.


Disadvantages: When the physical properties of the mixed powder materials are large, the ideal mixture cannot be obtained generally; the energy consumption is large; the particles have mutual impact and friction, and it is easy to change the basic characteristics of the powder components, such as: particle size becomes smaller Particle shape change


The above is our introduction to common selection methods of mixers and what are the advantages and disadvantages of V-type mixers, I hope to help everyone.


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