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Common problems with double-sided labeling machine

June 20, 2019

First, for the problem of warping, we should try to use soft label materials, good label ductility of the warping will be greatly improved.


Second, change the shape of the label, the operator can make the bottom end of the label into an arc, try to avoid the deformation zone of the sealing tail.It is important to note that the arc should not be too deep, if too deep will cause wrinkles on the label, adding unnecessary trouble.For the abnormal sealing of the end, it is necessary to change the shape of the label, which can not only avoid the deviation of the label, but also increase the aesthetic feeling.


Third, eliminate the impact of static electricity, double-sided labeling machine labeling process is easy to generate static electricity, which will have an adverse impact on the labeling effect.In this regard, the staff suggested that the humidity of the labeling site can be appropriately increased, and the use of ion fan is also an effective solution.And some double-sided labeling machine internal humidity automatic control, so you can control the internal cleanliness of the equipment, not only can be away from dust, improve the quality of labeling products, but also can solve the problem of warping, achieve visual effects.


Fourth, increase the viscosity of the label.For this method, we can start from three aspects, the first is to improve the surface quality of the attached hose.In fact, the surface of many products are relatively smooth oil, coupled with the contents of the exudation, tube wall microholes will cause warping.The second is to control the labeling pressure in the labeling process.Remember to control the temperature during the labeling process. When the temperature increases, the activity of the internal substances will also increase, which can increase the viscosity of the label.