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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of ultrasonic bottle washing machine

July 24, 2019

Ultrasonic bottle washing machine can be used to flush and filter the pollutants that invade into the hydraulic system during manufacturing, assembly, use and maintenance, and can also play a role in the regular maintenance and filtration of working oil, improve cleanliness, and ensure the high performance, high reliability and long life of hydraulic system equipment.



Bottle feeding failure


Phenomenon: the bottle can not be pushed into the bottle box, the bottle clutch action, touch the limit switch leading to stop, the bottle into the fault indicator light on.


Reason: glass fragments remain inside the bottle case.


Exclusion: at this time, the push rod is driven backward by the return stroke device. If the return distance is not enough, you can use the button of the operation box to make it further return, clear the glass plate, and turn the knob to reset the safety clutch of bottle feeding. The red light goes out, and the machine can be restarted.


A bottle of fault


Phenomenon: the bottle is stuck by the glass, the safety clutch is opened, the limit switch is activated, and the fault indicator is red.


Cause: glass or debris stuck, causing overload.


Eliminate: remove glass or blocking the bottle or debris, twist the knob, use the bottle safety clutch reset, red light out, can restart.


Heat up difficult


Phenomenon: the steam pressure meets the requirements, but the temperature of washing liquid is difficult to rise.


Reason: 1. Heater condensed water elimination is not smooth.(2) steam supply pipe too long insulation is not good, so that too much condensed water difficult to remove.(3) heater scale is too thick, affect the heat transfer.Remove: (1) open the bypass valve of the trap to remove condensed water.(2) improve the insulation layer of the steam pipeline.(3) regularly remove scale


Injection pressure drop


Phenomenon: the jet pressure drops, the corresponding pressure indicator on the operating box changes from green to red.


Reason: (1) pump operation abnormal.(2) liquid level drop.(3) filter debris deposition too much, increased resistance.


Exclusion: check the relevant pump and liquid level respectively, clean the filter.