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company news about Causes and Solutions of Tablet Loosening in Tablet Press

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Company News
Causes and Solutions of Tablet Loosening in Tablet Press
Latest company news about Causes and Solutions of Tablet Loosening in Tablet Press

Laminating by tablet press means that two parts are stacked together. Because of adhesion or excessive rolling, the tablets stick to the upper punch.


At this time, the particles are filled into the mold hole and repeatedly pressed into lamination or down punching position is too low, and the tablets cannot be driven out. At the same time, the particles are added to the die hole and repeatedly pressed. Pressing the lamination makes the tablet press vulnerable.


The problems of pasting and punching should be solved to improve the stamping performance and eliminate the failure of the tablet press.

The causes and treatment methods of the tablets are as follows: loose tablets refer to the hardness of the tablets after compression, with pits on the surface and slight breakage with fingers.

1. Insufficient pressure. Solution: Increase the pressure. However, for some special large pieces, the pressure is very high, and the pressure requirement is to reach or exceed the upper limit of the pressure of the tablet press. It is necessary to customize the tablet press of corresponding specifications under high pressure.

2. The pressure is too low and the speed is fast. When the pressure time is extended, the preloading increases and the speed decreases. The punch is long and short. Solution: Adjust the punching.

4. The active punch is loose. Department.

5. The medicine is not crushed sufficiently, there are many fiber or elastic medicine or oil components, and the mixture is uneven. The medicine can be crushed through a 100 mesh sieve, the viscous adhesive is selected, the pressure of the tablet press is appropriately increased, and the oily medicine absorbent is fully mixed to overcome the method.

6. The selection of adhesives or wetting agents is not sufficient or appropriate, which makes the granular structure loose or the particle size distribution uneven, and the coarse particles and fine particles are stacked. It can be overcome by selecting appropriate adhesives or adding amount, improving granulation process, and mixing soft materials and mixed particles.

7. The moisture content of particles is too small, and the excessively dried particles have greater elasticity. Drugs containing crystal water will lose more crystal water during the drying process of the granules, making the granules brittle and easy to loosen. Therefore, the water content of particles shall be controlled according to different varieties during granulation. If the prepared particles are too dry, spray appropriate amount of dilute ethanol (50% - 60%), mix and compress.

8. The nature of the drug itself. Although high-density tablets have a certain hardness, they cannot withstand impact and shaking. For example, bismuth nitrate tablets and soda granules tend to produce loose tablets; Low density, poor fluidity, poor compressibility, granulation and re granulation.

9. The fluidity of particles is poor, and the particles filled in the middle mold hole are uneven.

10. There are large blocks or particles, and debris blocks the scraper and discharge outlet, affecting the filling amount.

11. Add particles into the hopper for a long time. Particles shall be added to maintain a certain amount of raw material in the hopper.

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