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company news about Brief analysis of the characteristics of aluminum-plastic blister packaging

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Company News
Brief analysis of the characteristics of aluminum-plastic blister packaging
Latest company news about Brief analysis of the characteristics of aluminum-plastic blister packaging

In recent years, the aluminum-plastic blister packaging of medicines has been rapidly developed in my country. Due to the characteristics of long storage period and convenient portability, this kind of packaging has become more and more popular with pharmaceutical companies and consumers, and is gradually replacing traditional glass bottles. Packaging and bulk packaging have become the mainstream of solid medicine packaging.

latest company news about Brief analysis of the characteristics of aluminum-plastic blister packaging  0

   Aluminum-plastic blister packaging, also known as blister packaging, is a new type of solid medicine packaging. First, the transparent plastic hard sheet is blister-molded, and solid medicines such as tablets, pills, capsules, etc. are filled in the groove, and then heated and bonded with the adhesive-coated aluminum foil to form an independent sealed package.


   At present, many domestic solid medicines are still packaged in glass bottles. Although they can avoid light, moisture, and oxidation, they have large packaging capacity and low technological content. For high-demand specialty drugs, this traditional packaging form cannot effectively prevent deliquescence and mildew. This is also an important reason why large-volume brown glass bottle packaging is rapidly delisting in recent years. Compared with bottled medicines, the biggest advantage of blister packaging is that it is easy to carry and can reduce the pollution caused by the carrying and taking of medicines. Moreover, the blister packaging has gas barrier properties, moisture permeability, hygienic safety, production efficiency, and accurate dosage. It also has obvious advantages in terms of sex and extending the shelf life of drugs.


The good barrier performance of blister packaging is due to its choice of raw material aluminum foil and plastic rigid sheet. The aluminum box has a highly dense metal crystal structure with good barrier properties and light-shielding properties; the plastic rigid sheet must have sufficient barrier properties against oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor, high transparency and mechanical strength that is not easy to crack. At present, the most common medical blister packaging materials are PVC sheets and PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride).


PVC has good compatibility, easy to form and seal, low price, transparency, barrier properties and mechanical strength can basically meet the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, but its ability to block water vapor and thermal stability is poor, and it has high requirements for moisture resistance. For medicines, PVC is not satisfactory.


  PVDC has high molecular density, high crystallinity and transparency, and good weather resistance. PVDC film is a kind of film with current barrier properties. The barrier property of PVDC film with the same thickness to oxygen is 1500 times that of PE and 100 times that of PP and PET. Moreover, its barrier performance to water vapor is also higher than that of PVC, making it an ideal material for blister packaging. Multi-layer composite hard sheet made of PVDC and other film materials composite or coating, such as PVC/PVIX, BOPP/PVDC, PVC/PVDC/PE, PVDC/OPP/PE, etc., oxygen permeability, moisture permeability and moisture resistance The performance and barrier properties are significantly higher than that of a single material film.


   Another blister packaging material is vacuum aluminized film, which is a kind of film that deposits aluminum vapor on the base film in a high vacuum state. Currently, PET, CPP, PVC, OPP, PE, etc. are widely used. As the base film of vacuum aluminized film, in addition to the characteristics of the original base film, the aluminized film also has beautiful decoration and better barrier properties. The light transmittance, oxygen transmission rate and moisture transmission rate are only the original base. A few tenths or even one percent of the film is also one of the key development directions for blister packaging materials in the future.


Another advantage of blister packaging is that the fully automatic packaging process guarantees the safety of pharmaceutical packaging to the greatest extent. The fully automatic blister packaging machine includes blister forming, medicine filling, sealing, outer packaging carton forming, manual folding and inserting, blister board entering and carton sealing, all processes are completed at one time ,Health and Safety. In addition to the high degree of automation, the advanced models also have a number of safety detection devices, including identification and detection of packaging boxes and instructions, which can greatly improve safety and sanitation, and can effectively reduce the misinstallation of medicines.


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