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Automatic Labeling Machine Failures And Maintenance Problems

September 13, 2021

Labeling machine prolonged use will also appear some common fault. For everyone to do the following simple analysis and processing for automatic labeling machine might arise.

1. Backing paper off: it is closely related to the quality of label backing paper, labels traction pathway scratching bottom paper, adhesive labels.
a. Check whether the end of paper have chopped circumstances, such as chopped the end of paper, you need to replace the high-quality base paper.
b. Check the label scratched detour in the case, eliminate scratches factor.
c. If the label adhesion, it is easy to tear the paper. Under the control of next label length to ensure that no adhesion.

2. Labeling the deviation exceeds the accuracy requirements: label and standard deviation away migraine, the belt go and product delivery is not parallel, traction wheel slip, product positioning detection is not allowed, labels do not have along on the wheel on the product and so on. Check the above factors, re-targeted solutions.
a. Mark away side, unwind traction mechanism, pull the tag back and forth, automatically take the positive. Labels go positive after clamping rings on both sides of the limit to make true position.
b. The belt is not parallel to product delivery. It can be solved by adjusting the inclination of labeling head.


3. Successive bids: Continuous bids and bids not entirely concerned with the electric eye detection sensitivity, you can adjust the sensitivity

Nowadays, automatic labeling machine has become the essential of enterprise production. Labeling machine plays an important role in whole packaging process. For labeling machine, the quality is a precondition for its operation and the maintenance is a follow-up support for prolonging the service life of the labeling machine.

We summarize all the relevant practical method based according to experience in the production and maintenance:
1. Ensure that qualified indoor working environment. Labeling machine should be placed in ventilated, dry environment, the best greenhouse maintained at about 25 degrees.
2. For long-term operation of the labeling machine, you should plus oil at a time. Generally, if the labeling machine worked 48 hours, we should raise 6 # oil on each moving parts, particularly gears, bearings and gearboxes of these parts, which is a key component labeling machine work.
3. After a long operation, we must open the cooling fan. After the temperature drop, you should turn off the machine to avoid that high temperature damage the labeling machine.
4. Clean the labeling machine. Machine is easy to vacuum, so you should often clean labeling machine to remove the dust. If labeling machine temporarily idle, it is not only to unplug the power supply, also pay attention to the cloth cover to avoid dust settled on the labeling machine.
5. In order to ensure the quality of the labeling machine, the high temperature zone must be regularly clean.