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Automatic capsule filling machine manufacturer's product usage guide

March 28, 2022

How to use the automatic capsule filling machine

1. The aluminum alloy with a guide port is the B machine, the aluminum alloy without the guide port is the A machine, and the small body is the locking machine.

2. For the A.B machine, just connect the three plugs to the power supply and press the green switch of the distribution box. However, when pressing the green switch, the tip of the regulator knob must be aligned with zero. If the tip pair is above 100,

press the green switch suddenly, the voltage regulator will not adapt, and the voltage regulator will be damaged within 6 seconds.

3. A template and B template, the middle plate is an accompanying part, and it is marked on the machine if it is not assembled, please look for it.

4. The aluminum alloy plate is called an arrangement plate, and the dislocation orifice plate (also called a movable plate) under the arrangement plate is called an arrangement plate, and there are springs at both ends, which can be pushed.

5. There are two horizontal template support bars under the movable board, which are the B template for the B machine and the A template for the A machine. The position is placed under the movable board and above the support. When all the


capsules on the array plate are full, just push the template in, then all 400 capsules on the array plate will fall into the template (if any of them are not clean, you can push back and forth when pushing in once, fast), then you can step on the pedals and take out the template. Machine A and machine B use the same method.

6. A workbench the size of a table can be used when charging powder. Spread the powder on the B board, and remove the excess powder after smoothing. Due to the different properties of various powders, some powders with light body and light weight can be used with our company's powder pressing board.

7. Use the middle plate to cover the A plate with the capsule A head. The middle plate must be two notches up, and then cover the middle A plate. Flip it over and cover it on the B board. The holes of the board are aligned and pressed down with a hand-pushing gesture. At this time, all 400 capsules have entered the pre-locking state.

8. Press the green switch. At this time, the locking machine is not working. When you push the template containing the powder from under the pressure plate of the locking machine and touch the travel switch, the pressure plate is pressed


down. After pressing it, it is taken out. template, the locking machine has stopped automatically. At this time, all the capsules have entered the lock, and then remove the A plate, and then put the middle plate on the same size as the template, and


even lift the plate and put the capsules into the box for temporarily storing the capsules. (before the template is pushed into the pressing plate of the locking machine, please stand the pre-locked capsule template on the front of the locking machine, and touch the two plexiglass strips a few times to remove the remaining powder).