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company news about Application of ultrasonic extraction technology in pharmaceutical industry

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Company News
Application of ultrasonic extraction technology in pharmaceutical industry
Latest company news about Application of ultrasonic extraction technology in pharmaceutical industry



Ultrasonic extraction technology is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, which USES ultrasonic assisted solvent for extraction.The high speed and strong cavitation effect and stirring effect produced by sound waves can destroy the cells of medicinal plants, so that the solvent penetrates into the cells of medicinal plants.



Compared with traditional extraction technology, ultrasonic extraction technology has the following characteristics.Ultrasonic extraction technology can increase the yield of the extracted components and shorten the extraction time.The author has learned that the ultrasonic extraction technology can almost extract the required components, and the effective components in the extract content is high, which is conducive to further preparation and separation.


Second, ultrasonic extraction technology in the extraction process does not need heating, can be applied to the extraction of low-temperature components.This can not only save resources, but also avoid too long heating time, which will damage the heat-sensitive components in the material, so as to affect the quality of the extracted components.


Third, ultrasonic extraction technology is simple to operate, the process is not complex.According to the introduction of the experts, this technology can improve the production speed, reduce the production cost and improve the economic benefit of the enterprise, it is a new method of extraction and separation preparation, and improves the tedious traditional extraction process.


Because of the above characteristics, ultrasonic extraction technology has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.Taking the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine as an example, according to the experts, the advantage of ultrasonic extraction of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the special physical properties of ultrasonic.The fast mechanical vibration wave generated by the piezoelectric transducer is mainly used to reduce the force between the target extract and the sample matrix, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation.


The following two aspects are mainly introduced, namely, accelerating the motion of medium particle and cavitation.When the motion of medium particles is accelerated, that is, when the ultrasonic wave with an ultrasonic frequency higher than 20KHz is propagated through the continuous medium, according to huygens wave theory, the wave front of its propagation will cause the motion of medium particles (including those of the important effective components of medicinal materials), so that the motion of medium particles gains huge acceleration and kinetic energy.


In the use of cavitation, ultrasonic wave will produce a special "cavitation effect" when propagating in liquid medium. This effect will continuously produce numerous micro air holes with internal pressure up to thousands of atmospheres, and constantly "blast" to produce a powerful micro shock wave, which ACTS on Chinese medicinal materials.At this time, the components of Chinese medicinal materials will be bombarded to escape, and the base of the medicinal materials will be constantly denuded, and the medicinal ingredients that are not part of the plant structure will be constantly isolated.


Facts have proved that, under the action of ultrasonic field, the pharmacodynamic substances in Chinese medicinal materials can not only obtain their own huge acceleration and kinetic energy as medium particles, but also obtain strong external force impact through "cavitation effect", so the ultrasonic extraction technology can be effective and fully extracted in a short time.


In addition, ultrasonic extraction technology can also be combined with gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph and other analytical instruments, mainly used in food quality analysis, can objectively reflect the real content of the effective ingredients.Not only that, but ultrasonic extraction and separation technology after the extraction and separation, but also under a certain effect, the emergence of new substances, which will help researchers to discover new components of the drug.


In fact, there are many applications of ultrasonic extraction technology, not only limited to the above mentioned.For example, it can be used for biological and plant cell fragmentation and extraction;Morphological extraction of BCR elements;Low energy state can activate bacteria;High energy state can kill live bacteria;DNA extraction and DNA cutting;Gene introduction;Break the dormancy state of plant seeds to improve the germination rate and early maturity.With the expansion of these applications, ultrasonic extraction technology will have new development.


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