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Analytical tablet press to adjust tablet weight

August 25, 2022

When the tablet press is in use, there is also a know-how to adjust the weight of the tablet. Take a look at the shengde tablet press today.


Tableting machine

latest company news about Analytical tablet press to adjust tablet weight



1. Dose control principle of tablet press

The method of adjusting the weight and shape of the tablet is to adjust the depth of the lower punch extending into the middle die hole to change the actual height, thereby changing the shape and weight of the tablet.

2. How to control the hardness and thickness of the tablet

There is a height gauge in the adjusting die ring of the tablet press, and the thickness and hardness of the tablet can be achieved by adjusting the height.


3. Adjust the tablet weight

The pressure sensor installed at the bottom of the pressure roller can sense the force from the interaction between the punch and the pressure roller. After amplification, the analog signal is converted into a digital signal and the digital change of the pressure roller is displayed on the computer display screen of the man-machine interface.


If there is a deviation between the actual value of the pressure and the set value, in the automatic mode, in order to make the actual value change with the change of the set value, an automatic tracking program command is given, so that the height of the filler can be adjusted up and down with the change of the pressure. Movement, that is to say sheet weight also changes with pressure.


The above is the industry sharing about tablet presses, I hope everyone can like it.