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Analysis of the Causes of the Labeling Broken Belt of the High Round Bottle Labeling Machine

August 29, 2022

The height round bottle labeling machine is generally suitable for double-sided labeling of round containers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. It adopts touch screen, human-machine interface and PLC control system. The fuel tank drive is smooth and light, with few failures, low noise, and low motor load. The panel and turntable conveyor belts are made of stainless steel.

In the labeling process of the highly round bottle labeling machine, if the finished label is rewound too tightly, the adhesive in the self-adhesive will be squeezed out and lead to seepage. The label is not easy to loosen.


This is especially true in summer. If the label is relatively narrow, the tensile strength of the bottom paper per unit area will not be too large, and the equipment has a certain tension during the labeling process.


When a roll of labels with bleeding phenomenon is used for automatic labeling, it is very likely that the backing paper that has been removed from the label will be pulled off under the action of tension and the tension from the inside of the roll body during the labeling process, resulting in labeling. Broken belt.


The labeling tape caused by this situation is broken by tensile force, so the backing paper breaks irregularly, but the fracture surface is relatively uniform.

The quality of die-cutting also has a great influence on whether the tape is easily broken during automatic labeling. If the die-cutting pressure is too high, the backing paper will be cut through, causing the tensile strength of the backing paper to decrease, resulting in the labeling and tape-breaking. The broken surface of the labeling tape caused by poor die-cutting is relatively uniform, and the crack is at the position of the die-cutting line.

If the release layer of the backing paper is damaged, it will also cause the labeling to break. This situation will cause the labeling tape of the high round bottle labeling machine to be broken during the labeling process, and the broken surface of the bottom paper is serrated.


The reason for the damage of the release layer is the defects in the production and coating of raw materials, and at the same time, the release layer may be scratched due to improper methods in the process of inspection and supplementation by the printing factory.


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