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company news about Advantages of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Company News
Advantages of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine in Pharmaceutical Industry
Latest company news about Advantages of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry must be able to supply large quantities of capsules for medical purposes. Therefore, it is natural that they must have the necessary types of equipment that match their needs.


Automatic capsule filling machine is such a device, which can be used as a panacea to solve this problem. This machine has good processability and automatic operation, which ensures that a large number of workers will not be concentrated in a specific operation. It also ensures that manufactured tablets  meet medical standards.

Application of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Most pharmaceutical companies use automatic capsule filling machines to assist in the production of hard capsules. They are used in the formulation of granules, granules, and powders, or individually or uniformly to provide different combinations. The tamping needle technology in the automatic capsule filler helps to form a slug that accurately pushes hard capsules.


The capsule filling production line includes a series of machines and capsule fillers, so they are used in the pharmaceutical industry that needs to produce capsules in large quantities. Some machines on the filling line include automatic capsule polishing machine, damaged capsule sorting machine, metal detector and empty capsule injector.

It is clear that one of the main advantages of the capsule filling machine is that it is compatible with a large number of production line machines, which helps to improve the quality of capsules.

Automatic capsule filling machine

Several Important Characteristics of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The rotary table in the automatic capsule filling machine helps prevent the interaction of dust particles with machine parts.
Full automatic capsule filling machine adopts vacuum operation to separate capsules, which reduces the dust generated during operation. This makes it superior to other capsule filling machines.

The closed dosing system in the automatic capsule filling machine ensures that the cleaning frequency is greatly reduced with the help of dust suction.

The dosing tool of the machine is very accurate, which can adjust the filling weight of the capsule. Therefore, it can ensure that the contents in the capsule are correctly filled, so as to achieve accurate tablet filling.

Other production line machines matched with automatic capsule filling machine

The capsule filling line and capsule filler also include other equipment, which play an important role in the quality maintenance of tablets. An automatic capsule polishing machine helps to brighten the outer surface of the capsules so that they can appear in a more beautiful form.


The empty capsule ejector, on the other hand, removes capsules from the batch that are not filled with content. This will help to detect defective capsules and prevent them from being packaged and transported. The damaged capsule sorter is another machine that helps to regulate the quality of capsule production.


It classifies defective capsules and allows only capsules of perfect shape and size to enter the hopper of the machine for easy operation.

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