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5 ways to easily improve the speed of automatic counting machine

August 4, 2022

The automatic particle counting machine is small in size, light in weight, accurate in counting and easy to operate. It is an ideal special equipment for counting bottled, bagged and canned products in various related industries.


With the rapid development of industries such as food and medicine, the added value of the pellet counting machine is high, and the room for growth is large, and it is expected to gain a larger market in the future.
The manufacturers of the counting machine use degrees to measure the quality of the counting machine, and as the goal of manufacturing the counting machine, they constantly strive for perfection.


In fact, the degree of the counting machine is also the "stability" achieved by the counting machine manufacturer in the long-term production practice. So, how can users improve the speed of the automatic particle counting machine? Xiaobian made the following sharing.
1. Keep the equipment horizontally to avoid uneven distribution. Only when the equipment is level, can the operation be more stable, and the number of particles will be better.
2. It can be properly turned on and preheated for a few minutes, so that the counting machine is in a stable and normal working state. At the same time, the operator should pay attention to the feeding situation in time, so as to solve some emergencies in time.
3. Pay attention to the influence of several particles, dust, etc. For example, suitable oscillation frequencies can be set for capsules, tablets and pills. In terms of environment, if the equipment continuously counts particles for a long time, there will be some accumulation of dust and particles, so the user should perform necessary cleaning of the automatic particle counting machine.

latest company news about 5 ways to easily improve the speed of automatic counting machine

4. For some bulky materials, you can consider adding a first-level memory baffle, which can improve the efficiency of counting particles to a certain extent.


At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the influence of static electricity on the equipment. It is recommended in the industry that non-polar materials can be installed and a grounded power cord and equipment connection can be added in the drop shield, which can effectively solve the static electricity effect.
5. Parameter setting. For different types of materials, it can be used to adjust the speed of counting and transportation, especially for some larger materials, the speed of counting can be appropriately reduced, so that although the speed of speed is reduced to a certain extent, at the same time Also increased.
In addition, users also need to pay attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. As we all know, the maintenance and maintenance of equipment is a very necessary step.
To maintain and maintain the equipment in a timely manner, to solve the problems of the automatic particle counting machine in a timely manner, and to keep the equipment in a good state of healthy operation, can ensure the accuracy of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.