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5 Maintenance Tips on Single Punch Tablet Press for Long Use

August 11, 2021

Every machine has a specific life time. Depending on that, it claims to operate commendably during the supposed time frame. But, do you know if the machine is properly installed and taken care of, it can work a bit more than its suggested life time? Similar is the case with tablet press machines (single punch). These machines are popular as mechanical devices, which produce uniform size tablets with uniform weight. Studies have found that if this machine is properly maintained, it can deliver high quality results for a longer period of time.So, if you are in pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical or other industry, you must take this seriously and check out some amazing maintenance tips –

1. Cleaning

Product contamination can badly affect the performance of the machine. Hence, it is important to give maximum attention to cleaning as it allows for continuous and smooth operation of the machine. Also, it would reduce any costs related to maintenance.

2. Increase Lubricant

Sometimes it happens that the tablet sticks to the upper punch, which may damage the punch and the machine would no longer work properly. In such cases, it is necessary to increase some lubricant and weight within allowable tolerances.

3. Wipe the Machine

It is ideal to wipe the machine, if the machine has not been in use for more than almost one week. Remove the die and the punch and apply some grease on the components’ surface. Most of the single punch tablet press machine suppliers believe that the machine should be used continuously, as otherwise it does not deliver fine results. However, with simple lubrication, it can start working again.

4. Maintenance After the Last Batch

When the last batch of production has been finished, remove and clean the residual powder in the machine. Often, in some cases you may find that the downtime is long. In such cases, you will first have to dismantle the die and then proceed further for cleaning the machine.

5. Maintenance During Power Supply

When the power supply is on, it should be noted that the direction of the flay wheel is exactly the same as directed. If you run in the reverse direction, it may damage the parts. So, keep track with the direction.

Maintenance is an important factor to estimate the functional life of the machine. If you take care of the machine, it may certainly help you achieve fine results.