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Main Mechanism Of Automatic Flat Labeling Machine

January 29, 2021

Automatic flat labeling machine is suitable for labeling on the upper surface of various types of products, such as paper boxes, document bags, folders, cardboard, books, etc. Adding and using different labeling mechanisms can also be used to label the upper surface of certain products that tend to be flat. After years of operation and trial operation of our company [Hangzhou Xinshengde Import and Export Co., Ltd.], the overall operation process is summarized as follows:

latest company news about Main Mechanism Of Automatic Flat Labeling Machine

First, put the products to be labeled into the manual, the card divider or the connected assembly line and be supplied by them, then the conveyor belt sends them out, and then guides the products through a correction mechanism (such as a guide bar). The guided product is driven by the conveyor belt and passes through the sensor. After the sensor receives the signal, it transfers the information to the program memory. After receiving the signal, the memory will output the signal to control the header to output the label, thereby realizing the label function. After sticking to the label, the product will complete the label through the labeling mechanism. At this point, the entire labeling process is over and the labeled products can be collected.


The main mechanism of automatic flat labeling machine:

1. The header adjusting seat can adjust the direction of X axis, Y axis, Z axis and R axis.

2. The header box, including unwinding mechanism, roller mechanism, peeling mechanism, receiving mechanism, traction mechanism and traction motor.

3. Conveyor belt, used to drive the products to be labeled to the labeling area, and send the labeled products out of the labeling area.

4. The conveying guide rod is used to guide the product during the conveying process.

5. Touch screen, man-machine interface, used to control the start and stop status of equipment, change debugging parameters, observe I/O monitoring, etc.

6. The control electric box is used for the circuit arrangement of the equipment.