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Lubrication and maintenance of shrink sleeve labeling machine

September 18, 2021

Here we would like to introduce that the lubrication and maintenance of shrink labeling machine,

1. To ensure smooth running, Lubricate the sliding surfaces of guides, guide rail, screws, slides, bearings, etc every two weeks,.

2. Lubricate the gear once a week

3. Please remove the old oil with a clean soft cloth before lubrication.

4. If there is obvious foreign matter pollution, such as dust, iron filings, water, etc., it should be cleaned and then lubricated.

5. Other parts are found to have rust and rust spots during normal inspection, and should be treated immediately for derusting and oiling.

6. Please maintain the surface cleanliness of the shrink label machine part to avoid placing irrelevant items on the machine.

7. Check the belts of each transmission part whether it is breakage or serious damage or not every week.

8. Please make relevant maintenance forms, maintain them on time and accurately implement them to the relevant person in charge.

9. Clean the dust or foreign matter of the electriacl panel every week to ensure the normal operation of the electrical parts