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How to debug the automatic filling machine?

November 13, 2020

The filling machine is actually a kind of product in the packaging machine, and it is also a more important part. The automatic filling machine is developing rapidly in the filling industry; the manufacturer of the filling machine will inevitably be busy because it is not only the filling industry. To give customers more practical equipment, satisfactory prices, and to consider the cost of doing business themselves, we must also arrange technical personnel to go to the site for technical guidance on commissioning and installation and related equipment. How to debug the automatic filling machine? Here is a brief introduction to how the filling machine is used for debugging steps.

latest company news about How to debug the automatic filling machine?

Four steps for commissioning a fully automatic filling machine:

Filling machine debugging step one:

First loosen the nut and adjust the screw so that the position of the lower rod changes. Therefore, the push-pull length of the syringe is also changed, and the dispensing amount is freely adjusted. The screw is adjusted clockwise to increment, and vice versa, where the pointer is indicated. Use 5ml needle tube, see the side marked with 5ml, use 10ml needle tube to see the side marked with 10ml, 20, 100, 500 type directly look at the ruler, pointer quantitative, but due to the different thickness of each needle tube, the actual dispensing volume has error, with the needle tube scale Quasi-quantitative, it is also possible to measure the amount of the cup at the beginning of the dispensing.

Filling machine debugging step two:

After adjustment, the nut is tightened so that the lower fixing rod and the crank are firmly fixed.

Filling machine debugging step three:

Loosen the nut and determine the correct position of the upper rod by pushing the length of the different syringes. After the lower fixed rod is adjusted, turn the crank to turn the syringe to the top dead center, then lift the outer sleeve of the syringe upwards by about 2mm to avoid smashing the needle tube, and then tighten the nut before turning it on.

Filling machine debugging step four:

After the machine is assembled correctly, the switch is turned on. When the machine is working, the pump is driven by the crank to pull down the liquid, adjust the speed knob, select the appropriate dispensing speed, start normal operation, adjust the governor knob, and the clockwise dispensing speed is fast, and vice versa. slow.

After introducing the four debugging steps of the automatic filling machine, do you feel that the debugging of the filling machine that is less familiar to you before is clear? In fact, the filling equipment debugging is much easier for the relevant technicians, but if you often study the debugging and filling The steps are not too difficult.