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Eight safety precautions for polishing machine

April 21, 2021

Safety has always been the top priority. No matter what industry, only safety is the guarantee of high efficiency. So what should we pay attention to when using the polishing machine? Here is a summary of the safety attention of the polishing machine at work. matter.

latest company news about Eight safety precautions for polishing machine

1. The polishing machine itself is malfunctioning. The use of related equipment is prohibited.

2. Relevant operators will start work without professional training, and operators have not learned normal safety operation regulations. It is forbidden to operate the equipment.

3. It is not allowed to entangle the power source into the polishing head, and the staff shall step on the power cord.

4. The staff's hands or feet should be kept away from the polishing machine head and a certain distance should be kept.

5. The staff are not allowed to loosen the operating handle. Must wear uniform safety protective clothing.

6. After the staff stops the equipment, they must wait for the polishing machine to completely stop rotating before releasing the handle.

7. The polishing pad should be cleaned in time if it is dirty. If it can't be cleaned, it is not allowed to use it again. It should be replaced with a new polishing pad after disconnecting the power.

8. The storage location of the polishing machine is suitable for a dry place. Not suitable for outdoor.

The above are the precautions for the polishing machine in normal work. Only strict rules and regulations can ensure safety. Therefore, we must strictly implement the rules and regulations. Only good implementation can truly improve work safety and efficiency.