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Automated flow of cosmetic paste filling machine

November 9, 2020

There are many kinds of cosmetic filling equipments, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The factories that produce cosmetics have a wide variety of products, and the shapes of the containers are different. It is ideal to choose multiple models with low price and simple structure. Each model is ideal. It can effectively produce several varieties, so the filling machine is one of them. The following is a brief introduction to the flow of the paste filling machine.

latest company news about Automated flow of cosmetic paste filling machine

1. Paste filling equipment

(1) Paste filling equipment includes: small semi-automatic paste filling machine, container rotary paste filling machine, container and filling rotary filling machine, metal tube filling machine, plastic tube filling machine, compound Pipe filling machine, paste machine defoaming filling machine, computer intelligent pattern filling machine and filling line, as well as paste automatic filling production line.

(2) The paste automatic filling production line includes: automatically sending the bottle from the turntable to the filling machine head, printing the code during the delivery process, printing out the production batch number and date; after automatic quantitative filling, and scraping the paste with a special plastic roller Face; automatic cover paper, automatic completion of the cap, and transported by the conveyor. The filling capacity is 20-125g or 50-500g; the filling capacity is up to 60/min (mechanical capacity), which varies depending on the nature of the paste and the shape of the container.

In recent years, in order to reduce residual air in the dead space in the bottle during filling, a container and a nozzle have been developed to rotate at the same time, and can be filled at one time, and is suitable for all containers, and is more suitable for filling of an anchor bottle which is prone to bubble generation.

2. Liquid filling equipment

Including semi-automatic piston filling machine, semi-automatic vacuum liquid filling machine, liquid automatic filling production line, high-speed electronic filling machine and fully automatic high-speed filling line. In recent years, the development of liquid filling equipment has been mainly reflected in the improvement of automation, complete sets of equipment and high speed.

In fact, cosmetics are now more common than the previous year's daily necessities, but the filling of cosmetics is a way, the paste filling machine is the filling method of cosmetic subdivision.