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Liquid Filling Machine

This plastic ampoule sealing machine is specialized for the plastic ampoule/ bottle forming for oral liquid, syrup, essential oil, etc in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and supplement area.

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Liquid Filling Machine

Automatic Filling and Capping machine for the application of light liquid filling and capping for plastic or glass bottles. The machine is composed by a conveyor, SS316L volumetric piston pump, top-bottom filling nozzles, liquid buffer tank, bottle index wheel, capping system. The bottle loading/unloading through loading/unloading turntable (alternative Ø620mm or Ø900mm), or directly from an production line.

1. Easy to install, simple to operate and require minimum maintenance for maximum performance and long machine lifetime.
2. Integrated digital control with PLC and touch screen controls for easy operation. All actions are controlled by high technology Panasonic servo system.
3. Protected with safety shield meet strict safety restriction.
4. Sturdy conveyor system driven by high quality motor. Adjustable conveyor guide rails to accommodate with different products.
5. Anti-dripping design to enable the clean conveyor surface and perfect finished product
6. No bottle-no fill system.
7. Bottle jammed detection.
8. Positioned by star wheel. It will automatic stop when no bottle or position is not accurately.
9. Fully adjustable for different bottle with different star wheel and capping head.
10. Adjustable electronic torque values to eliminate damage to caps and reduce insert wear.
11. While changing volume set, all pistons can be controlled by the servo system.Gentle touch on the touch screen can easily change the volume set.There's no need to adjust the piston one by one and mechanically.
12. Adjustable speed while fling process, for example filling slowly at the beginning, then accelerate to fast speed and at the end slow down once again which is the best insurance for the foamy product and avoid liquid dipping out from the bottle.

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